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Large hexagonal volcanic rock columns and the most famous 4 sea arches is located in Sai Kung East, from Jin Island to Pak Lap Wan.
These car-free uninhabited islands boast rich geological resources of high academic research, tourism and scenic value.

Sailing on Catamaran or Water Taxi can provide you prefect viewpoints to see the special erosion features such as cliffs, sea caves and sea arches .

Hong Kong National Geopark Highlights:
A geopark is a unique natural area with special geological significance and natural and cultural landscapes and serves the three objectives of conservation, education and sustainable development.

Hong Kong National Geopark with a total area of about 50 sq. km. consists of the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region and Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region.  Each region has four geo sites each with distinct attractions.  

Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region:
High Island
Ung Kong Group
Ninepin Group
Sharp Island
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Geopark Boat Tour Route

Geopark Leaflet

Bluff Arch


Tiu Chung Arch
Basalt Arch
Wang Chau Kok Arch

Natural Hexagonal Column Mural


Giant Hexagonal Volcanic Columns


Basalt Island


Ninepin Group


Tiu Chung Arch

Basalt Arch

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