Hong Kong Catamaran Club Ltd. (CATA; www.cata.hk),

To promote Hong Kong as a “Sailing Paradise” worldwide hoping to attract thousands of overseas tourists and sailing students. Fulfill three missing gaps in Hong Kong, which include:
 “Keelboat Sailing Training”, “Sailboat Day Charter” and “Eco-yacht” (Catamaran) tour.

A total of HK$15,000,000 were invested in the sailing projects (CATA projects), with Hong Kong’s splendid harbor and waters, we firmly believes they will attract many nature lovers.

About Hong Kong Catamaran Club (CATA)

Hong Kong Catamaran Club Ltd. (CATA; www.cata.hk), a travel agent licensee, with 13 charter licensed yachts, including Beneteau F21.7, Oc34, F40.7, Jeanneau SO44I, 4 Catamarans, and 57 and 52 ft Italian yachts.

With head office at Los Angeles, American Sailing Association (ASA) has over 300,000 members and 300 affiliate sailing school worldwide. CATA became the first ASA affiliate sailing school  in Hong Kong, has trained over 20 sailing instructors and 150 local, expatriates, and Mainland Chinese from ages 13 to 65 in 2010. Our instructors are American, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese. English and Chinese examinations are available. Seven sailing courses are offered from ASA101 Basic Keelboat Sailing to ASA106 Advanced Coastal Cruising, matching RYA Coastal Skipper.These courses are supplemental to and have no conflict with dinghy sailing offered by HKSF and various yacht clubs in Hong Kong. In the last three months, other than from Hong Kong, visitors from China, France, Holland, Macau, Portugal, Singapore, and USA have been participating in the basics to advanced ASA training programs.


About Dr. Andrew Kay – Founder of CATA

Dr. Andrew Kay is Honorary Secretary of the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association (HKECIA), also Honorary Program Director for the Hong Kong University SPACE Programs - Event Management Program.

He graduated from the University of Arizona, USA (major in Physics); and a few more degrees in Business Management from the Stanford University (USA), the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the City University of Hong Kong, and completed his Doctorate Dissertation recently with the School of Tourism Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, major in “Exhibition Organizer Management”.

He currently is the Founder/Owner and Chairman of CP Exhibition (www.cpexhibition.com), also a pioneer and profound experienced expert in organizing brand exhibitions in China and the Asian regions in the past decades. The premier one is the “Beijing Aviation Expo” which has been well-known in the industry; he also has been organizing numerous key exhibitions in Beijing (China), Vietnam and Hong Kong since 1980.


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