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Recommended Day Charter Routes:

Corporate Events & Private Functions


From Victoria Harbour in a Catamaran                                         

2 hours    :  Circle in Victoria Harbour - day, evening, or night


4 hours    :  Lei Yue Mun + meal


5 hours    :  1)  Lamma Island + meal

                   2)  Ninepin (landing)


6 hours    :  Ninepin (landing) + Po Toi O for meal


8 hours    :  1)  Round Hong Kong Island + Po Toi for meal

                   2)  Lamma Island + meal, hiking or swimming

                   3)  Hexagonal Columns, Sea Arch, Long Ke swim. + meal


From Victoria Harbour in a PartyCat

2 hours    :  Ninepin (viewing)


8 hours    :  Golf (18 holes) - Hexagonal Columns, Sea Arch + meal


From Aberdeen in a Catamaran

4 hours    :  Lamma Island + meal


6 hours    :  Lamma Island + meal, hiking or swimming


From Aberdeen / Stanley in a RIB Water Taxi

1-4 hours :  Between Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay, Aberdeen, Stanley, Lamma Island or Po Toi Island


Sailing Routes in a Sub-Tropical Paradise


One hour sailing from City Center to uninhabited islands, clean sandy beaches with clear water, and fishing village restaurants.




Depart Aberdeen or Victoria Harbour :



Half-Day Leisure  : South Hong Kong  - Lamma Island for lunch or dinner



One-Day Leisure  : South Hong Kong  - Lamma Island for lunch or dinner, South Bay swimming



Two-Day Leisure : Ninepin Islands, Hexagonal Columns, Sea Arch,

East                         Sai Kung (live on board, seafood meals, swimming)



Two-Day Leisure : Round Hong Kong Island, Lamma Island (seafood

South                      meal) and Po Toi Island, Deep Water Bay (swimming), Stanley (live on board)


Three-Day Leisure: Ninepin Islands, Hexagonal Columns, Sai Kung (seafood meal, live on board), Stanley (shopping, live on board), Po Toi Island (meal, hiking)


One-Week Leisure to Three-Day Advanced (night sailing) :


Ninepin Islands, Sai Kung (live on board, seafood meals), Tung Ping Island or Grass Island (swimming, hiking, overnight or night sailing)




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